Sara Abaza

Mindset and Fitness Coach

Sara is an incredibly talented and charismatic personality who is on a mission to empower people by helping them to achieve the lifestyle that changes their Minds and Body in the most easy joyful approach.

She is prominent for her effortless yet impacting and experiential techniques, which brings in the transformation in people’s body, mind, and life.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Born and brought up in a conservative family, I have seen and experienced that as humans we have very set patterns of thinking and doing things, once you break out of those you tap into in another dimension and that helps you grow and achieve in whatever you want in your life.

My Life Journey

Sara is a qualified Aerospace engineer, but destiny wanted her to engineer people’s life instead of airplanes, and here she is doing exactly the same and creating a life of dreams for her and helping others to do the same.

Living life is an opportunity but creating the life you dream of is a decision, and she took the decision and worked her way out of limitations and self-doubt, stumbled upon obstacles as well, but as said every tough situation makes you wiser than before and, worthy things are all discovered within and easy path is always in the inner dialogue that she focused on and inner-self created that she focused on,  she created a life of her choice and dreams.

Today, the mother of four beautiful kids, Sara is helping to give clarity and stress Management program along with Fitness cause I believe it’s inside out.

Everything in your life is choices. What you choose, will manifest in your life - Sara Abaza


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