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These People Have Changed Their Lives
Patricia Todor

Last year I had the opportunity to meet Sara in Kuwait, during my one month stay there. It was meant to be. I discovered a great and determined woman! We spoke after almost one year and I started watching all her stories and posts daily. I love her work and the way she is explaining…

Shawnel Diaz
Business Owner, U.S.A.

“She helped Me become more mentally clear on how to achieve my goals. Since starting her sessions, I created my own business and became fully committed to what I really want to achieve. Her Sessions helped me re channel my negative emotions to more positive ones. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a…

Business Owner, Ireland

“Sara was instrumental in me identifying, setting and achieving my fitness, meditation and wellness goals. If you are trying to achieve any wellbeing related goal I would strongly recommend you speak to Sara as her energy is contagious and commitment is unwavering.”

Shibu Mathew
Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait

“Sara was amazing and full of energy and proved to be a great help in training our staff here in royale hayat hospital. Her stress management techniques really work and definitely boost the energy and emotions of the workplace.” 

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