Taking a deep breath into my heart

I am feeling for you and with all of those grieving right now– but there’s LIGHT and there’s Love in every place we go and every state we are living.

New life is a challenging but yet it’s blessing the new life that we’re having right now opened our eyes to gratitude and appreciation is to all about the little things that we have to all the great things that we are becoming we’re making history right now by sitting here and experience this life managing our emotions and our stress I’m in love with this present moment. this present moment is about not resisting the change everything changes in life.

I understand not as many may be looking at this present moment as if the whole world just collapsed but with faith and love, gratitude and appreciation when we open our mind the gates for our future self our future destiny as soon as we come out back to the world again to work to meetings to friends to the outdoor life things will be functioning for us with least effort.
But all I know I am continue focusing on staying positive during this time is a mission staying positive during this time is a training and practice there’s nothing to feel sorry for and there’s nothing out there that you missing out on.

We created This experience and it’s the answer came from the universe to give us a break to give the earth a break to give the world a break from its actual routine and function that maybe we abused and overused.

Welcome to my heart I’m a feeler just like you I’m a feeler and I have faith and belief and I have great faith and believe that what’s coming after this experience is a great opportunity that you have to create now with awareness and love.

I am here for you and you’re not alone
We are in this together we always been but togetherness now has a whole different meaning togetherness now has a new opportunity and a chance to focus on the wholeness of us as one.

Be positive for me because I’m doing it for you as well think positive of the whole universe and the upcoming events because you’re doing it for me and for you and for everyone around its one energy it’s one heart.

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